World Renown Ft. Worth Native Leon Bridges Sells Out Shows in DFW | Dallas Observer

Leon Bridges | Dallas Observer

In the past six months, life has changed dramatically for Fort Worth native Leon Bridges. He went from washing dishes to having a record contract with Columbia, and his world turned on its ear. But it was during a recent photo shoot in London when that fact was driven home: A man stopped traffic to yell Bridges’ name and wouldn’t move his car until he got a selfie with the young singer.“It’s crazy,” Bridges says. “At heart I am a low-key person.”

This weekend, he returns to North Texas to celebrate the release of his major-label debut, Coming Home, with a series of shows: first one tonight in Dallas as part of the Barefoot at the Belmont series, and then a couple of very sold-out shows at Scat Jazz Lounge in Fort Worth. Aftermarket tickets for those shows are starting at around $350. He may be a low-key person, but he’s had to get used to the attention quickly.

As recently as January, Bridges performed a daytime set to fewer than 100 people at Trees. Looking back, he remembers thinking the turnout was “beautiful” for an early set. “I’m very grateful for the times when there were 10 or 15 people in the crowd,” he says.  But he admits that it was his last small show: After that, he went on tour and started selling out venues. He is now used to playing to around 1,000 people.

Read how he got discovered and quickly went viral at Leon Bridges Comes Home to Dallas for Sold-Out Shows | Dallas Observer.

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