Dallas Escape Series: The Luscious Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice Italy

Luna Hotel Baglioni | Venice

Oh yeah. What can beat the romantic views of Venice in Italy? Yummy. The flight time from Dallas to Venice is about 11.5 to 14.5 hours, depending on the airline and flight route. Get ready for some of the most cultured, luxurious and romantic times of your life when you jet off to Venice. We’ll let Azure Collection describe Venice further:

Venice or ‘La Serenissima’, as she was known for thousands of years, is truly one of the most seductive and beguiling places anywhere in the world.

Built on more than 117 low-lying islands, this unique city is a water wonderland divided by over 100 canals and spanned by more than 400 bridges. And whilst life on her stunning waterways is still evolving today, the ancient monuments, museums, churches, art galleries and spires will all entice you to explore her glorious past. Wonder at the audacity of Casanova, delve into the secrets of the Council of Ten or marvel at the talent of incredible painters like Canaletto and Paolo Veneziano. Whatever you decide to do, just like it did with Goethe, Mann and Browning before you, Venice can’t fail to capture your imagination and seduce you with her beauty…

A canal leading to Luna Hotel Baglioni

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Luna Hotel Baglioni

Situated just moments from the Piazza San Marco and with picture perfect views over the San Marco basin, this former magnificent 12th century Venetian palazzo is the oldest hotel in Venice – it is reputed to have played host to the Knights Templar – and a marvellous centre for your visit to historic Venice. Welcoming you with classical interiors that feature frescoes, crystal chandeliers, antique furniture and so much more, the 104 rooms and suites are each beautifully appointed and offer the very best of supreme quality service and standards with wonderful attention to those all important small details. With excellent in-hotel fine dining that features authentic local cuisine and even a private mooring dock for boats and gondolas, the wonderfully-situated family friendly hotel puts the best of Venice on your doorstep and gives you a home from home that is the very definition of Italianate grandeur.

Venice Italy 1

Venice Italy

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