African-American Dallas Businessman Revolutionizes the Way Men Find Their Fashion Style

myDiModa Men’s Fashion App - Apple iOS Version Now Available for All Users

“I’ve heard from many men like me who find the whole experience of putting together a good-looking outfit to be frustrating and time-consuming. myDiModa solves this problem,” said myDiModa founder, Terrence Carroll. “I wanted to make style accessible to the average man who wants to look great, but doesn’t know where to start to create his own unique style. myDiModa helps him do that, and I’m excited that we can now make this unique technology available to Apple users as well as Android.”

myDiModa is unique in its ability to automate the process of creating stylish outfits. It uses an innovative patent-pending process which incorporates complex, proprietary algorithms to identify the color and pattern of clothes from imported images, and then recommends matching, fashionable outfits for any occasion.

The user just has to take photos of their existing wardrobe and myDiModa does the rest, guiding the user through putting together great-looking outfits. As the user continues with myDiModa, the app “learns” the user’s unique style, and can even recommend fashionable additions that complement their existing wardrobe.

To download the app, visit the myDiModa website. Press release available at

via myDiModa Men’s Fashion App – Apple iOS Version Now Available for All Users.

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