What Happened to Diversity in Dallas-Ft. Worth’s Morning Television News?

Up until last month, the morning news line up on the major Dallas-Ft. Worth news stations (WFAA 8, NBC 5, CBS 11, and Fox 4) had a respectable mix of white, black, Hispanic and even an Asian (still need more Asians). As of 2015, there’s only one regular black weatherman (Greg Fields, WFAA 8), and a few rare, hit or miss appearances of minority journalists on NBC 5 and WFAA 8 in the morning.

Did we miss something?

All indications are that there are still a lot of minority professionals moving to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area who want to feel welcome, but are now greeted with what looks like a lack of diversity the DFW area. We’re not trying to play the race card as the reporter-journalists on morning news are doing a good job. We are simply shedding light on a recent trend that the major news networks need to re-examine in light of the diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures migrating to the prosperous Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

We can do better.

One comment

  1. Are we seeing the ‘Trump’ effects in Dallas Ft Worth of putting some people back in their place? Stripping African-American from certain Media Posts. This trend seem to be happening around the Nation these days. Or is this backlash from President Obama’s tenure as president, and Trumps desire to put Mr Obama in his place? Or as Donald Trump says! “TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY”. Question to Trump! Take back from what or who?


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