Mark Cuban’s Guide to Celebrating a Championship | Rolling Stone

Everybody wants to be a rock star. Mark Cuban can do that one better: He’s a billionaire rock star.

Being a member of the one percent doesn’t automatically qualify anyone for star status. Look at the Forbes 400 and ask yourself how much you really know about Larry Ellison or Sheldon Adelson. But Cuban isn’t like most billionaires. He’s instantly identifiable to NBA fans as the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks – he’s paid nearly $2 million in fines for criticizing the league and its officials – and his role on ABC’s Shark Tank has made him a fixture in prime time, too.

He made his fortune in tech, but his current portfolio includes everything from a TV network to a haunted hayride – testament to his desire to take calculated risks for high rewards. But not everything he’s done has worked out; here, Cuban reveals his biggest regret as owner of the Mavs, why it’s OK to get “fucked up” if you win a championship and which NBA star would make the best addition to the Shark Tank team.

via Page 2 of Shark Attack: Mark Cuban’s Guide to Celebrating a Championship | Rolling Stone.

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