Bobby Shmurda’s performance at Epic Records made me feel sorry for him

The topic of conversation was the recent in-house performance that New York rapper Bobby Shmurda did in front of the executives at Epic Records. The audience, consisting mostly of white people with a few black ones sprinkled in-between, was given a private “audition” by Bobby as he spit his lyrics in celebration of their newfound business relationship.

Some of my friends thought I would be angry about the video. The truth is that I wasn’t angry, especially not at Bobby. Instead, I felt sorry for him. Bobby is basically a kid, still learning how the world works. It won’t be a few years before he finds out that the executives at Epic were only seeking to use him. It won’t be until he’s 30 years old that he realizes that they are laughing at him under their breath. It will only be in a chance meeting with someone like Min Louis Farrakhan that Bobby will learn that he was volunteering himself to be used as a tool for the promotion of black male genocide and white supremacist thinking.

Bobby’s not the one at fault here, since he’s being manipulated by his overseers.

In case you don’t know, Bobby got his big break with a song called “Hot N*gga.”  In that video, the theme is pretty much focused on how quickly Bobby and his crew will blow another n*ggaz brains out if they make him angry.  The song got traction on social media, since some of us think that black teen murder is cool, and also got the attention of Epic Records, which then invested large sums of money into the mass marketing of black male homicide all throughout the United States.

Of course Epic didn’t cause all the murders occurring in black neighborhoods, but they are certainly seeking to profit from them.  They may not approve of the death and decay occurring in the lives of young black men, but they are happy to glorify it.  I would love to do a survey among all the executives in that room and ask them: How many of your relatives have been murdered in cold blood?  How many friends have you seen sent to prison for 100 year sentences?  Do you know any five year olds who’ve died from a stray bullet?

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