SkyJet Makes It Easy to Charter a Private jet

ABoD, Dallas – Need to fly from Dallas to New York for a meeting that could make or break a big contract, but need more flexibility that the major airlines offer? Charter a flight. Chartering a nice, comfortable jet for business is made easy with jet chartering organizations such as SkyJet. It’s pretty easy. Just go to their site, enter a departure and destination city, and SkyJet’s site prompts you for the dates, the kind of jet you want, and provides a quote.

Here’s what SkyJet’s site has to say about it’s new approach to chartering corporate jets:

Intuitive, flexible and simplistic by design – Skyjet On Demand ensures a seamless private jet charter booking process with no long-term commitments and a pay-as-you-fly structure, giving you the freedom and peace of mind you deserve. We arrange the jet you want, when you want and get you where you want to go. Just let us know where you’re headed and we’ll take care of the rest. Request. Review. Approve. Go.

Welcome to the new age of private jet charter. Welcome to Skyjet On Demand.

Aviation Week did a write up on SkyJet’s background here:

Directional Aviation has “revived” the Bombardier Flexjet’s former Skyjet brand, creating a new unit that consolidates the charter brokerage activities of its Flexjet, Flight Options and Sentient Jet companies.

The new company is based in New York, led by Greg Richman, managing director of Sentient Jet Charter. Skyjet launches with a combined 1,000 clients and 35 professionals primarily based in New York, Boston and Dallas, with a few other strategic sales locations.

Review your business or leisure trip needs and see if chartering a private jet is for you.

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