Are There Any More Ray Rice Women Beaters Among Us?

ABoD | Dallas – As some of you NFL fans have probably already heard, Baltimore Ravens starting running back Ray Rice got fired by the team today, and the NFL suspended him indefinitely, after TMZ released new elevator video showing Rice punching his now-wife not once but twice to the head, knocking her hard into the elevator rail which knocked her out cold. The story has become a major scandal on the regular news cycles with Rice now the poster boy for domestic violence offenders. Initially, the NFL investigated and suspended him for two games before this latest video got released, and that suspension was wifely criticized by sports shows and personalities. But after the new video came out (whoever exposed it also has some explaining to do as to the timing), the NFL is now re-opening the investigation and has asked police for all evidence, including video.

But one fact from this remains true: in an era of the dominance of social media and the internet, this video will now live on in web perpetuity, compounding Rice’s problems as he tries to undergo anger management and other domestic violence courses. Will he be able to resume his NFL career after this media tornado? Can he even dream of a sports analyst job with this cloud over his head? Will he be able to have any kind of career after this?

This tragedy should be a serious warning to all men, and women too, that domestic violence is not a small matter to be brushed under the rug and glossed over with a mere couple of classes. Grown people have no business laying hands on each other. If your relationship has brought you to the point of jumping into the boxing ring for fight night at home, then it’s time to go your separate ways. Stop trying to force yourselves on each other. If, for instance, the man is a cheater and the women cannot accept that, then the woman should find someone more loyal. If a man can’t stand a nagging woman, then he should find someone who does not nag. It’s that simple. Otherwise, your fight night may one day live on perpetually in cyberspace if someone records your fight and uploads it to social media. Earlier this year, Hello Beautiful did an article on domestic violence featuring the very graphic photos of an aspiring Victoria Secret model after having been beaten.

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