The Real Entrepreneur Legacy of Black Wall Street Tulsa

What really happened in Tulsa’s Black Wall Street? A throwback article for Black History Month.

Affluent Blacks of Dallas

Excerpt: The invisible hands of those bent on destroying the wealth and dreams of a heroic group of affluent black men and women, who made Black Wall Street in Tulsa a beacon of hope for a lot of black people, are still with us in another form. However, there is a way to not only rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit of Greenwood Tulsa and other affluence black enclaves at the time, but to improve on it.

Black Wall Street Tulsa.png‘Nuff said… | from Pinterest (click the image to go to the source)

By John Conley III

As the saying goes, in business, desperation is the mother of invention. That’s at the heart of every driven entrepreneur: create a solution for a problem that benefits as many people as possible. And as it were, this is exactly the entrepreneurial spirit that drove black business thinkers such as O.W. Gurley and J.B. Stradford to turn…

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