Here’s EXACTLY How Sistas Lost the Black Hair and Beauty Care Industry

Over the years, we’ve written about the problem of why sistas don’t have a much larger share of the Black hair and beauty industry, which they themselves created over 120 years ago. We explained the government’s deliberate involvement in this problem (which is why my mind is boggled as to why we still trust the government so much when they don’t care about us). How did we go from the Madame CJ Walkers of the world becoming millionaires in 1910, to Korean businessmen becoming multimillionaires, while our net worth has remained stagnant, and bordering on poverty?

List of hot topics covered in this explosive, groundbreaking video:

A glance back at the history of the black female entrepreneur in hair and beauty before the 1960s

U.S. led world power destruction and reconstruction of South Korea in the 1950s

U.S. investment in establishing an export driven economy in South Korea in the early 1960s

Arrival of Korean immigrant entrepreneurs to black neighborhoods

American discrimination, destruction of once thriving black communities and credit redlining handicap black business from competing fairly

The US government removal of legal restrictions allowing more Korean professional immigrants

The rise of the powerful Korean and Asian business lobby in Washington DC with a failed response from the CBC and other leading black organizations that only focus on social reform, not business and economic empowerment.

Next steps on how to reclaim this once thriving black female industry

This video is part of our “Lessons for Business” series. In future videos, we will cover business strategies and motivating success factors from Reginald Lewis, Madame CJ Walker and her peers, the Johnson Publishing family, and others.

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