Dallas Escape Series – Booking the Finest Residences Worldwide

Airbnb has really taken the hotel and hospitality world by storm. Similar to what Uber did to taxis and car rentals, travelers have flooded to Airbnb for affordable alternatives to the pricey hotel resort fees of higher end properties, as well as getting an affordable upgrade to 3-star (or less) hotels/motels. But for those with more discriminating, upscale tastes, the need is for more room and luxury at a reasonable amount without compromising quality. There are a few companies that have identified this luxury boutique niche, and Airbnb Plus and One Fine Stay are two of them.

Planning a trip to Paris? Check out these pics below for a French style apartment. How much you ask? As of this writing, not much more than $220 a night (plus fees and taxes). This one is listed on One Fine Stay.


Considering a swank pool house in Malibu? The one below is about $400 a night as of this writing when you factor in all the fees and taxes (it lists on Airbnb Plus as $275).


So for those who need a little more than the typical Airbnb, you now have options. Get your travel on!

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