Time to Upgrade Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s that time of year again when brothas and sistas get all dressed up for Fall events. Some interesting style ideas for this season started trickling out in published look books a few months ago, and most likely some of those ideas made their way into some pics we found on Instagram. More notably, @CurveMonstersGlam, @BruvaJC and @BlackMensWear, all three based right here in Dallas, and with good followings. Dallas stays getting a lot of attention from all over, much of it due to the steadily large number of people who keep moving here for professional jobs. So it might not be such a bad idea to blow the dust off that part of your closet where your old Fall clothes are and see if one of the following ideas might be a good replacement to wear at events From now through New year’s. There are a mix of younger styles for the bold and daring, as well less revealing styles. We plan on doing a follow up post on Fall style ideas so be sure to follow this site and our Instagram page (@Affluentblacks). Also be sure to visit the Instagram page of the look you like for all the details!

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Above: Men’s selections are from @BlackMensWear


miket_thegent by photog iam_j.dewitt
@miket_thegent by photog @iam_j.dewitt


Screenshot_2017-09-25_211904 a
Outfit: @PrettyLittleThing

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