Wha’ Choo Know ‘Bout Them Flashback Funkday Songs?

Hey! It’s happy hour time all across the vast land of Dallas – Ft. Worth. What are yoooo doin tonight and this weekend? Be sure to check our events page right now. But with this article I’m starting a new series called “‘Flashback Funkday Songs” with links to songs you probably forgot about or never heard. The songs in this post mostly come from the 90s, so all you young professional whipper snappers aged 25 through low 30s who were either born in the 90s or were still on ya mama’s breast milk (lol), pay attention because I’m throwing in some original remixes to popular 90s songs that most likely your parents ain’t ever heard before.

And how did I know about them?

First, I’m a music producer hobbyist (since my junior high school days), so I know how to tap into DJ resources. Second, I briefly moved my family (when I was married) from Dallas to Atlanta in 1995, the year the ATL planted its foot solidly on the map of urban music. I heard many remixes while there, and after some deep searches in the back alleys of YouTube (yeah, even YouTube has a hood), I found them – well, at least before YouTube shuts them down if they violate copyright policy, lol, so listen quick! How many of y’all remember Total “Kissing You?” Well I included the original and the remix in case you missed it back in the day. Once you young’uns hear these remixes, you can brag to your older family members and friends that you are indeed a certified 90s baby! Enjoy your weekend, brothas and sistas…

Flashback Funkday Songs

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