Been to Earl’s Kitchen in Legacy West Plano Yet? The Right Vibe is Tonight

By John the CEO

Along with the site, we’ve been covering the evolution of the upscale and swank Legacy West mixed use dining, shopping and entertainment area in West Plano for some time now. Earlier this month was the grand opening, and so far, a rising star among a competitive field is Earl’s Kitchen and Bar in the heart of the main strip in Legacy West (Windrose Avenue). Having been there a few times now, I am impressed with:


  1. The posh interior design
  2. The sexy cool patio vibe with its signature fire pits that scream for a professionals’ happy hour social
  3. The scrumptious food, such as the Cajun Chicken and Ribs
  4. The music, which includes lit DJs who know what we want to hear as mature professionals


I’ve personally witnessed both DJs who have mixed it up at Earl’s and can attest to the fact that they will keep your head nodding while schmoozing with those in your professional network for happy hour. In fact, I’m about to go there right now for their Tuesday Half Off Wine happy hour. If ya see me, say what’s up before I get too tipsy (and if you’re under 21, I’m just kidding, lol). Peace…


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