Ready to Discuss a Unique Perspective on Leadership at a Dallas Forum April 22?

Dialogue at the DEC Series Is Innovative Business Communication

Dallas, TX- There is a new sheriff in town. Donald Trump has garnered this headline all over the country. Dr. Reine De Ciel and Management Tao expert Lin Giralt have a date set to allow the community to come out and explore the differences this new sheriff presents in light of his predecessor. Saturday April 22, 2017 (Dallas Entrepreneurship Center in Dallas) the two will square off at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center to discuss the difference in the light of the Tao of Leadership. Giralt has surprising predictions for the Trump Innovation Style that will be very delightful to audiences.

The unique dialogue series launched last month with Hidden Figures Faith Johnson, Council Woman Tiffini Young and Judge Amber Givens coming out to challenge their followers to get Deputized to Register Voters, Vote and get in contact with their legislative leaders to find out what they can do to empower themselves and their community. The ladies also gave rare glimpse into their personal philosophies and worldviews that inspired the small group that gathered.

Dr. De Ciel a leadership expert and business coach says that the point of the series is to foster this kind of productive discussion that will allow individuals who may be unable to speak in their formal roles to come out and engage with the public in a safe intimate setting.  There is a difference from a podium and bench to a couch the dialogue is more personalized. Consequently, the solutions that are created are also unique. Sometimes difficult questions get answered. A major misunderstanding about funding was handled very gracefully by a dialogue between Council Woman Tiffini Young and her constituent George Keason of Remember Black Dallas.  The series will be yearlong with new guest discussing innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges from a distinctive perspective monthly.   Tickets are $5. For more information contact Dr. Reine De Ciel at

844 985 4695

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