After Cowboy’s Ezekiel Elliott Deposits Himself Into Red Kettle, Salvation Army Sees Big Increase in Giving


By John the CEO

For those not familiar with receiving charitable help from organizations, it can be frustrating as many charities are more focused on paying their top executives instead of the poor. From my personal experience with Salvation Army when I was a struggling married senior in college with a baby many years ago, they actually delivered when few others did not. So I promised myself that when I became financially successfully, I would always make a donation to any red kettle I saw in front of the store.

So I was pleasantly surprised that, given all the touchdown celebrations in the past, Ezekiel Elliott decided to literally donate his entire body into the big red kettle in the end zone. Certainly the NFL officials could not possibly fine the best running back in football with such a perfect touchdown celebration, and they did not. And now, not only did Zeke and owner Jerry Jones pledge to donate, but many fans of the football star have been inspired to give to Salvation Army as well, some of them to the tune of $21 in honor of Zeke the super rookie! Good job and Merry Christmas, my friend:

Ezekiel Elliott’s kettle stunt has been VERY good for the Salvation Army — resulting in a 61% increase in giving since the Cowboys star’s TD celebration … TMZ Sports has learned.

Source: Ezekiel Elliott’s Stunt Triggers Salvation Army Donation Boom |

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