Hey! Are Yooo in the Christmas Spirit Yet? Then Check Out Upcoming Events!

Hey you…Merry Christmas to ya! Yeah that’s right, no Merry Xmas, no Seasons Greetings, no Happy Holidays, none of that boring generic stuff which is why the reason no one hardly gets in the Christmas spirit anymore. Lol, but besides all that, we wanna make sure all those who are new to the Dallas Ft. Worth area take notice of all the nice dress up events going on for Christmas and New year’s Eve. What are yoooo doin’?! Please don’t make us have to send a squad of savage holiday goons to your place to drag you out to force you to have fun. Make this easy on us by simply complying with our order to enjoy yourself this festive season. We still have over two weeks left before Christmas and even more before NYE 2017, so check out the many events on our Events page. Also message us if you want to do small, informal happy hours as we’re starting up that series at various spots across DFW soon! Below are a few events just to wet your appetite…


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