So You Think You Can Line Dance?

If you’ve been following many of our Dallas night life videos, chances are, there’s a video segment of people line dancing to popular line dance songs at spots like Truth Lounge, Stone Trail, Park Avenue and others. And in case you don’t know, just follow us on Instagram at @affluentblacks to keep up with the urban night life. As you watch these spontaneous outbursts of mostly sistas breaking out in synchronized line dances at that right moment the DJs senses the need to turn up the crowd, you’ve probably told your inner self, “I can do that but…” All of a sudden, doubt sets in and you freeze on the edge of the dance floor.

No need to doubt anymore.

If you need the courage to take the lead position at the next spontaneous line dance at the hottest clubs, the pros as 410 Line Dancers may have just what you need. No need to look awkward and stumble on the dance floor, embarrassing yourself and whoever you’re with. 410 Line Dancers have been doing their thing across Dallas Ft. Worth for a long time, having trained many people in the art of line dancing. Founders and choreographers Marlo and Isha Hutchinson are leaders in their craft, and have a regimen in place to take you from line dance goof to line dance pro if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. 410 Line Dancers offers soul line-dance lessons to dancers of all ages or skill levels (beginner to advanced), in a safe dance studio environment. To quote them directly:


The 410 Line Dancers mission statement is to have FUN, FUN, and more FUN as you get fit, active and learn the hottest and most popular soul line-dances in the world. 410 Line Dancers goal is to provide an environment for people to learn soul line dancing, get (and be) active and fit, lose weight, and to be social within their community. 410 Line Dancers is a low cost alternative way to burn calories (to Zumba, Yoga, Spin class, Aerobics or costly gym memberships).

So check them out, and perhaps the next time we’re out videotaping a lit club scene across Dallas Ft. Worth, we’ll catch you leading the line dance pack! Visit their website today for more info.


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