Hopefully McKinney And the Rest of Dallas-Ft. Worth Can Learn From This Shameful Chapter

Although our site is geared towards presenting positive images and experiences of Blacks across Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW), we are always happy and welcoming of other races who frequent this site. Sites like ours show the increasing diversity of DFW, particularly as more and more affluent minorities and whites are moving here in big numbers. Events such as the pool party at W Hotel hosted by the diverse 93.3 FM station show the best of what DFW diversity has become.

So it saddens us when events such as the one involving a simple graduation pool party in McKinney, TX, spiraled into a racially insensitive situation where invited black teens were blamed for a fight that wasn’t even part of the pool party. Now McKinney, which has a growing number of affluent minorities moving there, has to get a black eye due to the overreaction and lack of professional policing of a tiny few officers. This story has gone worldwide, and other nations are shaking their heads at heavy-handed American policing involving intelligent teens that were not proven to have done anything wrong. Here’s how one site is reporting this incident (we’ve got to do better than this):

An unnamed police officer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has been suspended after video footage emerged that shows him wrestle a bikini-clad girl to the ground and then point his gun at a group of unarmed teenagers.

First the officer runs at a group of teenagers and then he performs a theatrical tumble. Next he can be seen pulling several teens to the ground and handcuffing them, despite the protests of several that they are there simply to attend a party.

The first officers to arrive at the pool encountered a large crowd of people who refused to obey orders to leave, reports KDFW.

Nine additional McKinney police units were sent to the pool and officers eventually got the situation under control, said the police.

The video footage appears to show a different story and at about the three-minute mark the out of control officer can be seen wrestling a young woman in a two-piece bathing suit to the ground.

The officer’s behavior causes the situation to escalate as the girl’s friends surround him and next he produces his gun.

One youth runs away and some of the other officers give chase, while the irrate officer now sits on the back of the young woman that he has been manhandling.

The incident appears to highlight an excessive use of force especially by police when dealing with African Americans.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3114461/Police-officer-suspended-caught-camera-wrestling-bikini-clad-girl-ground-pointing-gun-group-unarmed-teens.html#ixzz3cRPsatCu

On ThinkProgress.org:

A video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday shows predominantly white cops detaining, handcuffing and, at one point, physically holding down black teenagers at a neighborhood pool. At one point, an unidentified white officer grabs a black teenage girl in a bikini by the hair and wrestles her to the ground. When other black teenagers try to intervene, that cop draws his weapon and briefly chases after two black young men. After these two African American young men flee, the cop returns to the girl in the bikini, forcing her face into the ground and then sitting on her in an apparent effort to prevent her from standing up.

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