Dallas Escape Series: The Elusive, Very Private Laucala Island in Fiji

Laucala Island Resort

In the world of the mega rich, there are ballers, and then there are BALLERS. Just when you think you’re successful, with a few million in the bank, there are those who are still livin’ on a much larger level who remind you that you still have a ways to go. The people who get approved to visit Laucala Islands are THOSE kinds of people. But hey, it’s good to know what’s out there so you get a sense of how large and in charge you really are. Flight time from Dallas is about 20 hours and some change.

From Laucala.com:

A private island refuge in the South Pacific, Laucala unites dramatic rainforest-laced landscapes and white sandy beaches with unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy.

No expense has been spared at the exclusive tropical hideaway, where 25 Fijian-styled villas are set amid coconut plantations, beside deserted beaches and atop the island’s volcanic mountains, overlooking fertile coral reefs and endless jungle.

Style and sustainability go hand in hand throughout, from the natural fibres and woods used in design to the wild orchids harvested in gardens and organic produce grown on island farms.

Set over 1,400 hectares, Laucala epitomises the seclusion and graceful hospitality for which the Fijian archipelago is famed.

TripAdvisor reviewer: “Without doubt the best resort in the world. A hidden gem is well worth the effort visiting! The photos online do not do the property justice and the beautiful landscape is one of the highlights. Above all the warmth and professionalism of all the staff is the star attraction with a homely welcoming atmosphere from everyone you encounter. “

Laucala Island is pleasantly located in the South Sea archipelago of Fiji, that island chain famous for its immaculate charm and beauty. Not many people know of it, including many well-traveled people. As South Seas Adventures puts it:

Laucala Island is a perfect island escape, for those who seek the total luxury of privacy and space, relaxing ambience, enjoying culinary delicacies, yet being sportive active. Anything is possible on Laucala – playing a round of golf, cycling the island, game fishing, surfing, diving or sailing the turquoise waters or being pampered in the spa.

Only twenty-five villas widely spread on the northern tip of the island, each with its own swimming pool, leaving ample space giving the most privacy you can imagine. Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living creates an inspiringly relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere.

Not only are we a resort – we set a high value in taking a holistic approach of self sustainability in growing all fruits and vegetables on our own farms; breeding poultry and cattle, making our own honey and bottling the purest volcanic mineral water, baking our own breads – providing the best quality of produce possible for our restaurants.

TripAdvisor reviewer: “Best hotel in the world! Words can’t describe this place! It is just perfect! The villas are amazing, the food (mostly based on the local production, which is huge!!) and drinks are excellent, restaurants are beautiful, the staff is fantastic, the spa is marvellous, the island is gorgeous… And the activities, all inclusive, range from horse riding and 4×4 island tours to windsurfing…”

According to legend (well, factual legend), the late mega wealthy publisher of Forbes Magazine, Malcolm Forbes, chose this place as his dream oasis and is buried here.

A travel special on AWE channel said that if you have to ask, then you can’t afford it. And even if you could, you have to apply to own property on it or even visit; the things people do for the allure of exclusivity. But that’s how it goes sometimes in the world of luxury. Of course, there’s always a way where there is the will, so be sure to follow your travel dreams, no matter where they take you.

Lying to the east of Taveuni, Fiji, the Laucala Island Resort spans just over a third of the island’s 12km² of dreamlike natural scenery. Originally owned by the family of publishing magnate, Malcolm Forbes, the resort changed hands in 2003, before Forbes’ successor, Dietrich Mateschitz, made the decision to transform the island into an inimitable private resort in 2004.
TripAdvisor reviewer: “Laucala is the absolute height of private Villa, private Island luxury travel anywhere in the world. 25 immaculate Villas spread over the Private Island of the Founder of Red Bull and formerly owned by Malcolm Forbes. Food, sports, spa, staff, all 6 Star. “
TripAdvisor reviewer: “Stunning resort! You are picked up by a friendly airport escort, and taken to your private King Air for a 40 minute flight to the island (Red Bull in the cooler!). The bungalows are very large and furnished with cool island inspired furniture and designs. There are several seating options right outside your bungalow, a private pool, and romantic outdoor…”
Getting here is a lot of fun in itself as you are whisked through arrivals at the international airport and straight onto one of the resort’s private planes for the one hour flight. If you have your own jet, you can land directly on the island and they will fly the customs official over for you so you don’t need to go via one of the main Fijian airports. Laucala Island is huge and feels a bit like Jurassic Park. The 25 luxury villas are spread out over the island and you whizz around on suped up electric golf buggies or, if wanting to get to more remote parts of the island, in jet black landrovers. The villas are made up of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units. All are similar in design and the difference is in their location on the island whether by the sea or perched up high.
Laucala Island Beach Bar
The Laucala Island Resort in Fiji is without a doubt one of the world’s top island resorts and once there it is easy to see why. It is very, very special.
“this hotel is a paradise! all is perfect, from the service, to the room. the room is big and every room has a private beach and a beautiful pool. every room has a buggy, free wifi (i had some problems with it, but it wasn’t a problem), and every confort you need. every person you meet along the street,”

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