Much Ado About Something, Mother’s Day May 10th | Haute Content

Photo from Haute Content


DALLAS, TEXAS — When it comes to the Triple D, a town reviled as the “City of Hate” it’s hard to reconcile progressive, cutting edge performance art as a part of its tapestry. However, that is exactly what the African American Museum of Dallas in Fair Park is trying to do with a daring, multimedia exhibit opening Sunday, May 10th. The exhibit, African Amedia, will introduce a younger generation to the Dallas institution by using digital channels and performance art to dispel long-held perceptions promulgated by mainstream media.

“I like what he’s doing. It’s fresh and bold,” said Museum President and CEO Dr. Harold Robinson. “It will give people, young and old, something to think about in terms of the media and how they portray us.”

The “he” Robinson refers to is Adu. He’s the writer and director of African Amedia…

Read the rest of this interesting article at MUCH ADU ABOUT SOMETHING | Haute Content.

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