6 Practical Steps to Learning How to Build a Startup | Entrepreneur

6 Practical Steps to Learning How to Build a Startup
An important black-owned family business in Norwich in the mid-1800s was a confectionery and toy store operated on Union Street by James Peckham. Of black and Native American descent, the Peckhams engaged in a variety of enterprises, including a barbershop and a second confectionery on Broad Street. The advertisement is from Stedman’s Directory of the City and Town of Norwich, 1871. (Courtesy of Otis Library)

Despite the rush in every academic institution to offer more courses on entrepreneurship, I still haven’t found it to be something you can learn in school. Of course, you can pick up the basic principles this way, but the problem is that the practical rules for success are changing so fast that no academic can keep up. The best thing you can learn in school is how to learn.

The successful entrepreneurs I have met and worked with over the years all seem to share that passion for learning, and they see rapid market change not as a problem, but as an opportunity for them to move ahead of the crowd in changing the world. Making big money is usually the last thing on their mind, and most are happy living on Ramen noodles in a sparse apartment.

via 6 Practical Steps to Learning How to Build a Startup.

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