Dallas Escape Series: Charter a Yacht to Exumas Bahamas, Bermuda or Exotic Greek Isles!

Yeah, cruises are fun, but sometimes you just need that extra little tweak to get to islands you want to see with your group of friends or business associates. This is where chartering a yacht comes into the picture (unless you’re ballin’ on a massive level and can plunk down tens of millions on a pimped out boat). Chartering a yacht or any nice boat brings a certain freedom of the seas to visit a number of islands without the hassle of multiple flights or cruises. Yacht chartering companies like Dream Yacht Charter can help you book a dream yacht trip:

You don’t have to be a professional or a world class Corinthian racer to enjoy the trills, camaraderie and parties to participate in these regattas. You simply have to share a love of sailing, That alone makes you a winner in any circle.

15 Must-See Yacht Charter Destinations for Summer 2015 | Yachting Magazine
The Exumas, Bahamas

6. The Exumas

The Bahamas are often marketed as a winter yacht charter destination, but the weather is fantastic here during the summer months as well. In fact, May and June can be particularly nice, before the kids get out of school and families start zipping over every weekend from South Florida. Luxury yacht charter itineraries can start in Nassau and continue south through the Exumas archipelago, including places like Staniel Cay and Big Major, where the beaches are beautiful and sights include Thunderball Cave and wild pigs.

15 Must-See Yacht Charter Destinations for Summer 2015 | Yachting Magazine
The Dodecanese Islands, Greek Isles

11. The Dodecanese Islands

The Greek Isles have been a storied cruising destination for generations, and the Dodecanese are some of the prettiest islands within the nation’s boundaries. These islands, in some places, run parallel to the southwest coast of Turkey — so closely that you can see both from your charter yacht, depending on which direction you turn your head. Ancient ruins, sandy white beaches, hiking paths and charming waterfront tavernas are just some of the things you can see and experience here. The ancient walled city at Rhodes, in particular, is one of the most impressive sights in all of Greece.

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