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How to Get the Most Out of Having a Mentor

I’ve taken many entrepreneurs and writers under my wings too. Not as a way to “give back” but as a way to nurture the talent and voices that are going to be part of creating the world I want to live in.I welcome mentors and protégées, if for no other reason than because working with them means entrepreneurship will never be lonely. But working with a mentor can do far more, for both of you, than not being stuck with that loneliest number.

Here are seven suggestions for making that time-honored relationship as beneficial as possible for all concerned.

1. Only statues look good on pedestals.Mentors are role models, not idols. They can’t do much for you stuck up on a pedestal. To benefit from having a mentor in your life you need to believe that you can do what they have done. Respect is vital, but idolatry blocks your ability to see yourself stepping into their shoes.

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