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Sociologie Wine™ began as a beloved party favorite surrounded by fun music, wonderful conversation, and lovely family friends. Starting in her very own kitchen and using her entertaining soirées as inspiration, Amy Hampton customized an assortment of sophisticated sangria tailored to each special occasion.  For many years, she graciously served refreshing sangria blended to perfection with delicious fruits and delightful natural ingredients! Soon guests began requesting her yummy sangria and Amy found herself preparing and bottling her recipe as party flavors. Then, demand multiplied with each added guest at every delightful celebration!

In early 2010, with passion and a plan, she diligently sought to create Sociologie Wine™ sangria to capture and epitomize the “art and science of entertaining, socially chic.”Amy explored a variety of American wineries that could produce her luxury sangria on a grand scale. So after months of many optimistic correspondences she secured a tasting meeting with a neighboring winery nestled in the heart of the Mimbres Valley in Deming, New Mexico and they happily decided to produce Sociologie Wine™!

In 2011, Amy partnered with renowned New York fashion designer Brooke Hagel to design her new sangria collection to be a symbol of chic soirées and style! In August 2012, served chilled and adorned in glamorous glasses, Sociologie Wine™ launched two varietals in Texas, ‘Blushing Rose Sangria’ and ‘Red Berry Sangria’. Sociologie™ sangria received a great response and a huge following because of its modern-classic look and fresh flavor that reflects a chic celebratory experience.

Sociologie Wine™ premium collection of delicious sangria reflects fabulous women of permissible drinking age and is coming soon to select stores across Texas in October 2012.

Please visit for upcoming Sociologie Wine™ events, parties, and tastings.

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