Emily Summers transforms a University Park Tudor | Modern Luxury Interiors

The home of Nancy and Clint Carlson is a showplace for fine art without being showy. It’s a meticulously designed homage to light and color, shape and texture, form and function—exquisitely proper with a playful side and a laid-back personality displayed in rooms that converse pleasantly with one another rather than compete for attention. It’s a treasure trove of midcentury classics in a 1934 Tudor Revival-style estate.

The Carlsons bought and renovated the house, on a lush 3.5-acre lot in University Park, in 2007. They are the third owners of the house originally designed by Clyde Griesenbeck and John Danna. The team of principal designer Emily Summers, project designer Mary Elizabeth Johnson and project architect Jessica Stewart Lendvay worked with the Carlsons for the update. They created a house that is at its heart a series of first loves—rooms built around key pieces, with delightful results.

via Modern Luxury Interiors Texas | Modern Luxury | Rambling Manse.

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