Traveling Outside the Country This Winter? Don’t Forget Your Wireless Phone Travel Plans

Winter is the time of year when many of us are either traveling to sunny, warmer destinations or are planning Spring and Summer travel. A travel plan can include many tasks such as passports, method of travel, hotel accommodations, travel insurance, luggage and packing, medical necessities, food and beverage, etc. But how many of us remember to include a travel plan for our wireless communication?

The major wireless carriers such as Verizon have travel planning tools to help you research and plan your travel options for international destinations. Verizon’s website-based tool has an option to choose your method of travel, which will impact the kind of plan options available between flights and cruises. You’ll get a breakdown of roaming restrictions and international rates based on the country you are traveling to.

So when planning that Dallas  getaway to near and distant locations outside the country, remember to check your wireless phone provider’s website for travel planning tools.

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