Acura NSX: The Legend Returns At 2015 Detroit Auto Show | MotorAuthority

Heralded in its heyday as the “$40,000 Ferrari,” the Acura NSX carved new ground for Honda in the performance enthusiast world, winning praise everywhere it went, and remaining highly sought after today. Yet, somehow, Acura and parent company Honda let the NSX flounder and eventually fade into the history books. No more. The NSX is back.

Unveiled today at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show after a preview to select media last night, the new Acura NSX (or Honda NSX as much of the rest of the world knows it), sports considerably higher technology than the original, but its bloodlines are clear.

From the mid-engine layout to the exterior design, it’s clear Honda and Acura are seeking to evoke the memory of the original; at the same time, it’s equally obvious that this is an entirely new—and very different—car. The engine is still a V-6, but this time it’s a 75-degree unit mounted longitudinally in the chassis, rather than a 90-degree bank angle and transverse mounting.

via Acura NSX: The Legend Returns At 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

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