Dallas Radio Stations 94.5 and 93.3 Embrace Old School Hip Hop This Month | Dallas Observer

Editor’s Note: For a complete list of urban and pop/dance radio stations across the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex, including the 2 old school hip hop stations (among the first of their kind in the country) mentioned in the Dallas Observer article, click here.

When frequenters of K-Soul 94.5 FM tuned to its position on the dial this weekend, it was to only quickly discover that without warning, their destination for “the best old school and R&B” had been replaced by something a little bolder and less conventional by radio standards. The silent makeover of K-Soul happened as the night turned to 12 a.m. Saturday morning, when Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” ushered in the station’s new era of classic hip-hop.

Overnight, the new Boom 94.5 FM landed on the airwaves of Dallas just as a similar format suddenly popped up on the Top 40 pop-centric Hot 93.3 FM. Is this suddenly a tidal change for North Texas radio?

Read the rest at Two Dallas Radio Stations Switched to Awesome Old-School Hip Stations Over the Weekend | Dallas Observer.

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