Why Sisu Is Uptown’s Hottest Pool Party – D Magazine

Why Sisu Is Uptown's Hottest Pool Party - D Magazine

It began innocently enough, with an online gallery of party pictures: women with augmented breasts squeezed up against each other; men with shaggy blond hair and flat-brimmed ball caps emblazoned with the Dallas city logo; shirtless muscle men in a beach ball-strewn pool flashing their fingers in hieroglyphic configurations. Through the simplest sleight of hand—swapping a dance floor for a pool—Sisu, the self-styled “Uptown resort” where the pictures were taken, had fashioned itself as the hottest spot for young and beautiful people to spend a Sunday afternoon. In a few clicks, I saw the hyperbolic expression of a vibrant Dallas subculture. Here were the $30,000 millionaires sending the last, desperate hours of the weekend into oblivion with a booze-drenched party by the pool. I felt like I’d woken up in a city I had never really been to. I had to experience it.

Read the rest via Why Sisu Is Uptown’s Hottest Pool Party – D Magazine.

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