Black Enterprise Magazine Advises Small Businesses to Learn Brand Licensing from Kim K

Brand Licensing: What Small Businesses Can Learn from Kim Kardashian. Five important facts about trademarks and licensing, by Nicole Cober

Small businesses, take heed: You can learn a lot from Kim Kardashian’s trademark licensing game. In July, she netted approximately $90 million from a videogame app deal. It all started with a trademark. Trademarks are government-backed licenses that allow your business to both prevent and permit use of your exclusive brand by third parties. People mistakenly believe that trademarks and licensing are only tools for the entertainment industry—not so. In fact, trademarks are essential weapons for the protection and exponential growth of small businesses. Here are five important facts about trademarks and licensing:

1. Understand the Trademark Licensing Process. Licensing your trademark usually happens in a few phases. First…Read the rest here.


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