Plan Your Escape from Dallas to Some Pretty Exotic and Upscale Places

The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, located on Banderas Bay on Mexico’s west coast, is now offering what it calls the Ultimate Tequila Tour, a special day trip that gives four guests a behind-the-scenes look into tequila making at the Jose Cuervo distillery.

Texas is arguably the state with the strongest economy in the country. And Dallas, with its largest number of major corporate headquarters and booming job and real estate market, is the crowning economic jewel of Teas. With a growth in professional jobs across Dallas-Ft. Worth comes increased disposable income for travel. For the growing numbers of affluent, professional African Americans, planning travel beyond the usual favorite spots such as Atlanta, South Beach, the nation’s capitol, Virginia Beach, Chicago, New York, etc., is increasingly important. Time to run away for business or pleasure? Check out some upscale options.

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