July 17, 1977: The Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc. (JBAAL) was created

Date: Sun, 1977-07-17

On this date in 1977, the Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc. (JBAAL) was created.

It was formed by Curtis King with C. Eric Lincoln, John O. Killens, Margaret Walker Alexander, Frederick O’Neal, Jean Hutson, Romare Bearden, and Doris Saunders. Its home base was Dallas, Texas. The formation of JBAAL directly involves young and aspiring artists and scholars.

The JBAAL was established for the following purposes: To enhance and help sustain the total cause and efforts for which ANA and BAAL were established; to work jointly and cooperatively under the auspices of the founders and former members of BAAL; to serve as a catalyst and clearinghouse for Black arts and letters organizations and institutions.

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