Dallas Observer: By 2010, Black Students Left DISD For Better Education

By Jim Schutze Thursday, Jun 17 2010


The Dallas Morning News has been doing stories and editorials about the shrinking population of black students in the Dallas public school system—a phenomenon the newspaper calls “black flight.”

In its first story the paper reported: “Interviews with dozens of parents reveal that the exodus is not fueled by a single reason, but by myriad forces including issues of race, class, perceptions of problems within DISD, an explosion of charter schools and the quest for the American dream in the suburbs.”


I guess.


But it seems to me that the mainstream media have a tendency to frame all stories about black people as problem stories. I just don’t know why we have to have all the muted anxiety about it.


Read more of this 2010 article and let us know what you think of black DISD student progress today below



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