Business Ideas for Dallas Area Artists to Transform Entertainment in 2017


Hit songs have a unique way of transforming lifestyles in ways that cannot also be measured. Don’t think of your songs as just MP3 files that fans download. Instead, look at them as core units of a lifestyle. What a lot of artists misunderstand is that the music industry is more than just fame and fortune. Their products transform listeners lifestyles in ways that big companies want to tap into to keep their brands relevant to each generation. This is why lots of companies are locking to influential social media pages on Instagram, Snap, and Facebook to maintain some amount of “authenticity” with their customer base.


Popular songs create a lot of positive energy in the listener and are often the soundtrack of lifestyle trends. For instance, more people are interested in being healthy and looking their best, and they reflect that in their food choices, workout activities, their circle of friends, where they hang out, and the right kind of songs that permeate their desired lifestyle. What this means is that your lyrics should strike a balance between these new lifestyle trends and your own unique lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you do hip hop, EDM, R&B, or whatever your chosen genre. Finding that right lifestyle transforming song should resonate with your intended audience. So don’t just write lyrics to imitate others, but instead, change the world, one verse at a time. An article in entrepreneur magazine might help go deeper in understanding how marketing companies are going hard to align their budgets with the pulse of each city’s vibe. Find that vibe in Dallas, combined with business savvy, and you’ll soon see results. (continue reading after the video…)



The same concept applies to other artists in fashion/modeling, painting/graphic design, and other artistic endeavors. For models, it’s not about looking pretty so that you get discovered. Instead, what is it about your lifestyle that can transform others to follow your lead or gravitate to you? As with musicians, marketing geniuses look for very attractive women and men who are influencers in their circles and draw a sizable crowd to their social media page. Companies are paying big money to tap into your lifestyle, so rethink how you present your portfolio to align with lifestyle branding.


Dallas-based CurveMonsters is focused on lifestyle branding, which goes beyond simply posting a pic online. The team at CurveMonsters has consistently seen a direct correlation between hit songs and hashtags that appear in the posts of some of the most beautiful women on social media. For instance, “Bad and Boujee” is very popular among curvy fashionista on Instagram who are big social media influencers. Drake’s songs have the same effect. Why? These songs tap into a lifestyle identity that in turn make the fans of both the musicians and the Instagram influencers want to emulate their lifestyles in some way.


If you have any questions, just ask. With these ideas, artists can boost the Dallas entertainment scene to reflect the new lifestyle realities that cool people want, which is the most important goal, and that companies highly desire.



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